Products Categories

Dry sausages, salamis

The Gyulai sausages and salamis have characteristic taste, which formed by the microclimate of valley of Körös rivers, the traditional smoking technology, the history of one-hundred years’ walls and the loving care. We offer a wide variety of products from sausages to salamis, with or without paprika, in mild or hot taste.

Gyulai-Royal deer products

This product line was awarded with Hungarian Quality Product Award in 2014, and was selected for New Product Expo in Amsterdam in 2015. It is a real gourmand delicacy. It is made only from deer meat and pork fat, spiced typically as venison. We offer a wide range from mild sausages without paprika to hot salamis with paprika, ham for festive occasions.

Liver pastes

The first liver paste was the Gyulai Liver Paste, which was very popular among kids as well. Besides the classical taste we offer Liver Paste with Marjoram for those who likes herbs, and for those who likes full-bodied flavour, the Gyulai Spicy Sausage Liver Paste. All our products are gluten- and lactose-free, thus those who has food-allergy can also eat Gyulai Liver Pastes.

Ham, cold cuts

The name of Mályvádi ham, which was awarded with Hungarian Quality Product Award, comes from the Mályvádi forest, where our ancestors grazed the pigs under oak trees, thus the meat of the swine became very tasty. We offer several kind of ham and cold cuts products, e.g. „párizsi” sausage, wiener, all of which is gluten- and lactose-free.

Cooked-smoked products

Besides the traditional drying method, cooked and smoked sausages and cold cuts are also produced. The Hungarian „paprika potatoes” are not real without the Gyulai lecho sausage. One can find the typical falvour characters of dried sausages in these products as well.

Our Special Offers

The Gyulai Sausage Codex is not only an exclusive but a delicious gift for our loved ones, too. Also unusual fineness is the Gyulai XXL sausage, the extreme size of which is extraordinary.