History of sausage

It has become a concept now. Sausage in pairs, with paprika, not hot, at least not for the Hungarians. People of some nations find its taste a little hot because of black pepper, in Hungary even children do not protest about it, even their eyebrows do not run up when they taste it.

In Hungary we eat sausages mostly on sandwiches, but braver housewives flavour delicious dishes with it. Some ideas that everybody’s fantasy can soar: rosztyóka soup (a type of potato soup), pockets of pork medallions, letcho with cottage cheese dumplings and with Gyulai Sausage…

In 2015 the Gyulai Sausage conquered the international critics again. It got excellent qualification in aroma and taste in Brussels.




Our grandmothers knew only the lumpy liver, which was sliced onto the bread if anything else was made besides black pudding and sausage during pig slaughter. Then in the middle of 80’s the product developer thought of a big one, and dreamt of the liver paste. This became really spreadable and seduced everybody, mainly children. Consumers became receivers for good tasted, easy spreadable products, which experience the Gyulai Liver Paste protects even today. Then our two main products were combined, this is how the Gyulai Spicy Sausage Liver Paste was born.



Deer story

Gyulahús Ltd. has been always open to new ideas, tastes, thus we were pleased about the request of Royal Hunting Ltd. in spring 2013. Our product development philosophy and mission is to develop healthy products ensured rather with technology than additives. In this spirit was given to birth the Gyulai-Royal Deer sausage in hot and mild tastes and the Gyulai-Royal Deer Salami in hot and mild tastes in various packings. Production of these products takes place in the original dry plant. We fumigate our products with real beech on real smoke in real maturing room, from whatever raw material it is made of.



Stéberl’s advertising catches

András Stéberl, who acclimatized the industrial meat processing and sausage production in Gyula, was not only an excellent expert, but also a brilliant idea men. He made his products well-known with unique, crafty tricks. He was perfectly aware of that whatever excellent and tasty the product is, large quantities must be sold anyway. The direction of sales was clear for him: Budapest…and after that the big World. He also invented the method that the demand must be artificially generated. He applied 10 unemployed people and sent them to the capital (according to some sources he gave pocket money for students studying there). They had nothing else to do just asking for Stéberl’s goods in the shops. Of course they did not get it, but they returned to the shops every day, were annoyed and strongly objected that they could not buy their favourite and high-quality sausage. Owing to the 10 „advertising people” the products of András Stéberl reached the country’s biggest pickup market, and later on the most big towns. He handed out tasters to students, his every action was successful and the Gyulai Sausage became famous and highly demanded product all over the country.
The pigsticking days were also very effective in Gyula organized by Stéberl, where the mysteries of sausage-making were presented for those who arrived by „dirt-cheap” train from all parts of Hungary, based on cooperation with MÁV State Railways. His correspondence attests that he organized the export and the international familiarization of his goods very creatively, thus his products were loved among others in Milan, London, Wien, Holland and even in Egypt.