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Product description

GYULAI GRILL SAUSAGE – Product of Value and Quality Product Award. It is an essential part of the summer barbecue season. It is produced from pork meat and pork fat. Thanks to the production technology, the product remains juicy after frying as well. Due to the product is filled into digestible casing, it provides a unique, crunchy eating experince. It is available in different taste and packaging.

In individual packing

  • Net weight: 150g, 250g
  • Shelf life: 21 days
  • Storage temperature: 0 - +5°C
  • Hungarian taste. - The Hungarian-styled food spiced with red pepper is an essential part of every garden party.
  • With horse-radish. – The definite taste of horse-radish accompanies the heavenly barbecue bites.
  • Sweet Chili – It is slightly hot, but not too intrusive.
  • Chili lime – Seasoned with chili for those who likes piquant taste. The characteristic taste is emphasized by sour lime.
  • Mix – The product contains grill sausages in Hungarian taste, with horse-radish, sweet-chili and chili lime.